Centrelink income support
If one has an illness which prevents one from working, one may be eligible to receive Centrelink benefits. The benefit one may access varies according to circumstances and require one to be an Australian resident to be eligible to claim. Income and asset tests apply, and partner’s income will also be taken into account.

Sickness Allowance
If an individual was working when diagnosed but is unable to work during treatment, he/she may be eligible for Sickness Benefit. One will need to be aged 22 years or older and have a job, or aged 22 years or older and getting ABSTUDY as a full time student, or aged 25 years or older and getting Austudy as a full time student, and be under Age Pension age and meet an income and assets test
A Centrelink medical certificate will also be required.
Newstart (incapacitated) Allowance
If an individual were not working when diagnosed or does not have a job to return to, he/she may be eligible for Newstart (incapacitated) Allowance. One will need to be aged 22 years or older but under age pension age and able to meet an income and assets test.
A Centrelink medical certificate will also be required.
Disability Support Pension
To be eligible to access a Disability Support Pension, one will need to satisfy Centrelink that one will be unable to return to work for a period of at least 2 years.
A doctor will need to provide Centrelink with proof of illness, in a letter including illness type, prognosis, symptoms and treatment plan, as well as any other evidence such as scan results.
Assistance seeking work
If one is receiving income support through Centrelink one may be eligible to access assistance in finding work. A jobactive organisation, disability employment service, community development programme or Transition to Work provider can help you look for work and get a job. See the following for more information: disability employment servicescommunity development program, jobactivetransition work.

Other assistance available
If one has a mortgage and is having difficulty with repayments, the bank or lending institution should have provisions for hardship. One may be able to negotiate lower repayments for a period of time. Please note that if your mortgage is through Homestart Finance this does not apply. Ask your lender for advice.
Similarly, in case of a loan one may have eligibility to access loan insurance. Once again, contact your lender.
There is also financial assistance available to pay a utility bill through the Cancer Council or, in the case of blood cancers, the Leukaemia Foundation. Assistance is generally limited to one-off assistance and eligibility criteria apply. For advice contact the Cancer Council ph 131120 or the Leukaemia Foundation 1800620420.
Other organisations may also be able to offer financial assistance – as these vary from state to state, contact the Social Work department at your treatment centre, or the Cancer Council.
If one need to travel to treatment one may be eligible for travel assistance. Contact the state authority (listed as follows): NSWQldVicSATASWA, NT.