The very young employees and trainees. There is a number of issues that young people with cancer might experience in relation to studying, training and work. For example:

  • Assessment of end of high school results – In many instances, the young person might be completing high school and going into or have completed exams. In this case, special provisions might be possible to either give a predictive score or allowing extra time for exams or rest breaks.
  • Registering for disability help through a university – University students can often register for disability help at the university that they are attending.
  • Study/career transition – Often, due to type of cancer, the young person may need to look at a different study/career option. They might need to review what they are currently studying and look at what kind of credit transfer, if related, can be used towards the degree. In some instances, if they have just started a course, it may be necessary to withdraw and try to get a reimbursement on fees.

For more information on work issues of young adults with cancer see an excellent resource from For more information and help for young people with cancer please visit Redkite, a charity organisation providing essential help to young people with cancer and their families, at