Taking time in your day to schedule pleasant activities not only gives you a chance to refresh and gather your thoughts, but it helps to practice Mindful behaviour, controlled breathing, and trigger the ‘Feel Good’ neurotransmitter (refer to these sections above). Below is a list of ideas that you can do, although you are encouraged to add to this list with your own ideas.

  1. Doing crossword puzzles
  2. Gardening
  3. Dressing up and looking nice
  4. Buying things for myself
  5. Talking on the phone
  6. Going to a favourite park
  7. Listening or singing to your favourite music
  8. Getting a massage
  9. Saying “I love you” to a partner of friend
  10. Thinking about your good qualities
  11. Going for a walk, jog or run
  12. Learning a new skill or hobby
  13. Sitting in a café
  14. Thinking about becoming active in the community
  15. Doing something new
  16. _________________________________
  17. _________________________________